William Waite

William Waite has a doctoral degree in music composition and is trained in the visual arts as well.  His orchestra work "Gems" won the Cincinnati Symphony's National Young Composers Competition.  He has had solo exhibitions of his artwork in three countries and has written short stories, poetry, and children's verse including a yet to be published book of verse about imaginary "Dinosaur Plants."  His main area of research is what he calls "the Structural Correlation of Music and Painting" for which he received a Fulbright Grant to do research in Lithuania in 1994-95.  Today he spends a lot of time designing puzzles, making ceramic puzzle vessels, and occasionally writing music.

Click this link to see a selection from his Puzzles in Boxes series.

William working on a form for the monoliths.


William can be reached at:

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William Waite
1316 S. 3rd St.
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

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