The Syvklods Spillet

This is a book of Tangram-like challenges that comes with 2 sets of pieces!

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Front cover showing how the book is tied closed.


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Title page with two sets of pieces in their wooden holder.   "Syvklodsspillet" means "the seven piece game."
Each set of pieces is about 6x5 cm which is smaller than the Richter set (about 9x7cm), but they are about as thick as the Richter pieces.  The pieces are in very good, if not excellent, condition.


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 The pages have a "recycled" rag look and measure about 21x15 cm.
They are arranged in an accordian fashion so that one can turn pages like a regular book or pull them all out to an incredible length of almost 7 meters!


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The holder for the pieces is made of wood painted blue and has a fold over blue flap made of the same material as the red cover.


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There are 34 pages mostly with 3 puzzles per page.  They are often themed in two-page spreads, but I can only fit one page on the scanner at a time.   The pages are yellowed with age at top and bottom.


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The puzzles were all designed by the Dane, H. Koch around the turn of the century.  Obviously he had picked up one of Richter's Kreuzzenbrecher puzzles.  The Danish version (I have one seen on the Richter puzzle page) came out in 1892 or before, since in the booklet for that it mentions 3 more puzzles will be introduced for Christmas 1892.


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H. Koch found many of his own shapes for the pieces and made one book for his son with "men, women, and all the animals of paradise".


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His son later became an architect and working with "Chamottestensfabrik", apparently a brick factory.  A private printing was made of his father's original designs and titled "Syv Klods Spillet" ("The Seven Piece Game") which is the book shown on this page.  These were apparently given away as gifts by the architectural firm and never offered on the public market.  There is no date given.


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Animals pictured in this book include:  a bear, turtle, beaver, hippopotamus, lions, elephants, peacocks, ducks, squirrels, rabbits, deer, ostriches, moles, cats, dogs, frogs, kangaroos, goldfish, swans, penguins, and other birds as well as many, many people.

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The pictures are full size to match the pieces.  In other words you can place the pieces directly on the images to more easily solve the puzzles.  This is the best collection of tangram-like images I have ever seen.



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