Sequential Movement Puzzles


Silver Label Puzzle and Ma's Puzzle

These two designs were first produced in the late 1920's and with their wooden pieces in cardbarod boxes are typical of many different puzzles produced at that time.


moving.jpg (19841 bytes)          ma.jpg (20812 bytes)



Wooden Number Puzzle

The goal of this nice old puzzle is to arrange the 10 numbers into the correct order.  It doesn't look too difficult since there is space for four numbers above left and below right, but it can be!  It is apparently produced in Japan, perhaps in the 1950's or earlier??  It looks like someone was cheating by crossing out a number and writing in the number 3 in pencil, but in fact, there were originally three 6's or 9's stamped on the pieces and no #3 included--whoops!


woodseq.jpg (14138 bytes)




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