Van Houten's Spider Web Puzzle

A wire spiral acts as the spider web from which needs to be removed a string with two cans of Van Houten's Cocoa attached.  The envelope it originally came in is shown at bottom.  There is a little ring at the middle of the string and I've never figured out exactly how it should be connected to the puzzle.  If you know, let me know at


spiderweb.jpg (37522 bytes)



The Key Puzzle

This is a paper disentanglement puzzle advertising the Wagner typewriter company.  The red part is barbell shaped and it appears that both ends have been somehow stuck through the small hole in the key.  Can the key be removed without folding the barbell ends?  Yes!


key.jpg (9792 bytes)



A Double Puzzle

This is just one of many cardboard puzzles advertising Dickenson's Witch Hazel.  This particular one cleverly makes either a square or a cross.


double.jpg (30147 bytes)



Red Goose Puzzle

Remove the string from the Red Goose Shoes advertising puzzle.


redgoose.jpg (12334 bytes)


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