Grandpa's Wonder Soap

In this puzzle the pieces must be kept with Grandpa in the right orientation (no rotation of pieces).  This is an unusual DISMATCHING puzzle in that the colored circles (or half-circles at the edge) need to be all different colors.   They were patented in 1911 and there were 12 different numbered versions.   This version is number 12 and it is the only #12 known in the greater puzzle community, so I'm quite proud of it.  There are 2 solutions to this one.  If you have one of these Wonder Soap puzzles, please let us know so that Jacques Haubrich can add the mathematics about it to his Matching Puzzle Compendium.  In particular, puzzles #6 and #10 are not known.

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IQ Chain Puzzle

This puzzle is not that old but kind of interesting.  It has various challenges to make one or more loops by matching up the tiles at the edges.

chain.jpg (18271 bytes)



The Clown Puzzle

This is a Danish produced matching puzzle nicely made with thick cardboard pieces in large squares.  They are not too old, but no longer made.  I have a few extras of these available for $8 each.

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