Solution for opening the Chinese lock

1. Slide the flower shaped button on one end of the lock down.

l2.jpg (1810 bytes)

2. Pull the end of the lock out as far as it will go.

l3.jpg (5625 bytes)

3. Turn the plate at the other end of the lock to reveal a hole.

l4.jpg (2804 bytes)

4. The key will not fit in this hole so look at the bottom.

l5.jpg (3886 bytes)

5. The sword is stationary, but slide the panel underneath the sword to reveal a continuation of the hole at the end of the lock.

l6.jpg (3931 bytes)

6. Insert the key in this hole through the bottom.

l7.jpg (7809 bytes)

7. Push the key towards the other end releasing the spring and allowing the locking pin to come out.


l9.jpg (9603 bytes)


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