People and Robot Keychain Puzzles


knight1.jpg (4746 bytes)    

ballplayer.jpg (1603 bytes)

howdykey1.jpg (20935 bytes)

contort.jpg (8070 bytes)

clown.jpg (3482 bytes)

woman.jpg (2293 bytes)

One of at least 8 different in traditional costumes
from Poland or Czechoslovakia

pol1a.jpg (2463 bytes)

pol2a.jpg (2452 bytes)

pol3a.jpg (1992 bytes)

pol5a.jpg (2152 bytes)

pol4a.jpg (2096 bytes)

pol6a.jpg (2289 bytes)

robot2.jpg (3213 bytes)

not sure about this one

(advertised as keychain puzzle on ebay)

robot.jpg (2236 bytes)


robot2piecehead.jpg (3689 bytes) 

robots come in many variations, including 2 part and single part heads

martian.jpg (1498 bytes)

robot2s.jpg (1719 bytes)

robot5s.jpg (1915 bytes)

michelin.jpg (4727 bytes)

michelin2.jpg (4090 bytes)

bartisol2.jpg (2868 bytes)

yjpuzzleboy.jpg (4157 bytes)

yjpuzzlehero.jpg (3820 bytes)

from Japan,
but too big for a keychain puzzle?

spaceman.jpg (4605 bytes)

These bottom 3 above were sold as keychain puzzles on ebay, but I doubt they were keychains and I am not sure of their size.


bartissol.jpg (12555 bytes)




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