Hexagon Matching Puzzles


The Daily Mail World Record Net Sale Puzzle

This is a hexagon matching puzzle used as an advertisement contest puzzle for the Daily Mail.  The 19 different pieces must match colors along the edges (like the three pieces I've set together at the bottom).  The prize doesn't seem too extravagant compared to the 1,000,000 prize recently awarded for solving the Eternity Puzzle.  Produced in England in 1920.


dailyhex.jpg (26140 bytes)



Pair-It Puzzle

Match numbers along the edges in this puzzle made by Douglass Novelty Co. of Windsor Canada.  This is possibly the same puzzle as the U.S. made puzzle shown with one piece missing on page 24 of Slocum and Botermans' "New Book of Puzzles."  It's not made of metal, but cardboard !


parrot.jpg (70696 bytes)



Dutch Hex Puzzle

This is a Dutch advertising puzzle, apparently for a firm called Multipharma.  The lower right piece is turned upside down, there is a second apparently different (and less colorful) puzzle on the back.


dutchhex.jpg (56006 bytes)



The  GO'ON  Puzzle

This is a hexagon matching puzzle nicely made with thick pieces.  The shapes that need to be matched along the edges are holes punched out of the plastic.  This puzzle is a nice little transportable size at only 2 inches across.  It is not too old, but it is rather rare having been made in Denmark, a land of only 5 million people.    $12


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