Food Puzzles

I've noticed that there are a lot of puzzles shaped like food and food containers. 

coke.jpg (12471 bytes)
This coke can is a cylindrical sliding block puzzle.

lifesavers.jpg (11790 bytes)
These Life Savers have various amounts of holes and pegs that project one or two units.   There is only one solution, so it is quite tough!

The Chicklets and Lifesavers puzzles are made by Synergistics Research Corporation.  They've also made the Lifesavers puzzle and other "Food" puzzles.  Please write me if you know of others! chicklets.jpg (31757 bytes)

fish.jpg (19643 bytes)

Pack the sardine pieces into three layers in the sardine can.  Comes with a key to open the lid and a fish net to keep the puzzle in.  There are 20 pieces of nine different shapes.  Made by Hasbro in 1971.

Food Puzzles not pictured include:

Toyo Glass puzzles

McDonalds Hamburger, Fries, and Shake


I'm trying to make a comprehensive list.  If you have any additions, please let me know at



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