The Pendant Puzzle

This is a burr puzzle nicely made in silver with a chain through each of the six pieces.  The necklace can be worn with the puzzle together or with the six pieces hanging separately as in the picture on the cylindrical box.  Made in Denmark in the late 1960's or early 1970's.


pendant.jpg (16172 bytes)



The Chinese Puzzle

This is not Chinese made, nor do burrs originate in China.  It is called Chinese as many were, as a marketing gimmick to make it seem exotic.  The six wooden pieces do not fit together particularly well, but it is an unusual early burr puzzle and the box is in very good condition, though someone made lines in blue pen on one of the pieces. 


chinese.jpg (11694 bytes)




The Yamato Puzzle

This puzzle actually is Japanese produced and comes with a detailed and extensive solution sheet.  The puzzle is almost a miniature, the box measures only about 2 inches square.


yamato.jpg (20708 bytes)


Unusual 12-piece Burr

This burr is more recent than the others, but is quite interesting in that it has 12 pieces rather than the typical six.  I have seen other burrs up to 18 pieces or more, but never another arranged quite like this.  The scan shows it from two different angles.   


boyd.jpg (8990 bytes)



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