Hidden within the sentences below are both the name of a pop musician or group and one of their hit songs.  Sometimes both the first and last name are included, sometimes just the single name of a group, and sometimes the meaning of the sentence gives a clue.


Say goodbye again to the golden version of mah johngg.


Say GOODBYE AGAIN to the golDEN VERsion of mah JOHNgg.

(John Denver, Goodbye Again) and the misspelling of mah jonng is a clue.


1.  Poodles, not beagles, live life in the fast lane.   answer

2.  You can’t help numbering their detractors around the globe at less than one percent.   answer

3.  Ask the raj, I’m spending time in a bottle-washing job without micro-cellophane.   answer

4.  Must I cajole new words that stand apart? Only idol lyrics are coming through.    answer

5.  Ask the M.C. leaning against the piano for american pieces of London.    answer

6.  "I can't believe even that seventeen people don't know what a trojan is," I answered.   answer

7.  When in tremendous pain, yell "ostrich!"   answer

8.  Night scented stock ate bushels full of kites.   answer

9.  What has raised ire, straight sultans of swing?   answer

10.  The alphabet hardly allows for Kawasaki's sexy leather men.   answer