Squiangles Puzzle

Both the pieces and tray of this limited-edition puzzle are made of rigid massive hand-made paper!  The pieces are over 1 cm (about ½ inch) thick which makes them easy to work with.  Note the thickness of the orange piece lying on its side to the right in the picture below. 

paper.jpg (17175 bytes)

  • 10 pieces
  • hand-made paper (not paper maché)
  • 4½" x 3½" (12cm x 9cm)
  • extremely difficult ****

$64  SOLD OUT  

Squiangles is produced in a limited edition of 27 puzzles which are signed and numbered on the bottom.  The pieces and tray are laboriously crafted by William Waite using the same hand-carved wooden-mold method as with the Monoliths of Rtiydiuy

Four time-intensive steps were involved in the production:

  1. 1. Carving and finishing the molds for the tray and each of the 10 pieces.

  2. 2. Making paper each and every time a single puzzle is to be made.

  3. 3. Laboriously filling and packing the mold, and then letting the paper dry for a week.

  4. 4. Removing the pieces from the mold (often very tricky!) and trimming the bottom edges.

The large amount of time involved makes this more of a "labor of love" than a money-making project.  Both designed and hand-crafted by William Waite, these puzzles are bound to be rare artifacts in the future.

The pieces are a conglomeration of squares and equilateral triangles (squares + triangles = Squiangles) and the pieces can fit together in many ways.  There are at least two solutions to the puzzle.  Can you find more?


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