The Puzzleglyph Monoliths of Rtiydiuy

In the Jeggulek mountains on the small world of Rtiydiuy in the galaxy of Nemmelgeb Murr stand a pair of 1.7 billion year-old monoliths not unlike the monoliths of Stonehenge or the Maya here on Earth. The pair have puzzleglyphs carved on them, but unlike the monoliths of the Maya whose glyphs reveal dates and inscriptions, the glyphs on the Rtiydiuy monoliths are puzzle pieces. The point is not to assemble the given pieces, yet the monoliths have a single shared solution. At the base of the monoliths sits the statue of a smiling PjjjtHoo, a giant frog-like creature of Rtiydiuy. Whether it is smiling encouragement or laughing at the would-be decipherer is difficult to say.


Puzzleglyph Monoliths


The culture of Rtiydiuy is based on puzzles, and to find out how these Puzzleglyph Monoliths, the oldest and most sacred artifacts on Rtiydiuy, are still used by the native population, visit Nemmelgeb Murr.  Be the first to send us the solution to the puzzle of the monoliths and win a one-of-a-kind puzzle!

William carving

The Monoliths of Rtiydiuy have now been recreated as an artwork to be hung on the wall. William Waite, a local Earth artist, has spent three months of spare time carefully carving a form from wood.  Into this he presses hand-made paper which takes about a week to dry.  Each artwork is slightly individual in coloration and shape.

The Monoliths of Rtiydiuy are being made in a limited edition of numbered and signed artworks available for $195 each plus $15 for postage and handling. They measure 46 cm by 45 cm and are 2 cm thick if you move from the highest to the lowest point of the relief. You can reserve one and try to solve the Puzzleglyph Monoliths yourself by contacting the artist directly:


William Waite
13995 High Meadow Rd
Ferryville, WI  54628-7020



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