PuzClub #4
Knit UFO Puzzle
limited edition

This puzzle is a good example of the kind of puzzle that will definitely be a limited edition.  It is a variation on the KnitPagoda puzzle which I designed at the same time.  The KnitPagoda will continue to be the version generally produced because it is cheaper and easier to make, but the Knit UFO deserves to exist too!

While the KnitPagoda is a Dutch Selection of all 11 single-sided tetra pieces (including some mirror image pieces), the Knit UFO uses a British Mixed Selection of 10 double-sided pieces and includes all of the tri and tetra pieces (pieces built of 3 and 4 basic building blocks) with engraving on the back so that they can be flipped over and used either way.


  • black walnut and red alder wood
  • 10 double-sided pieces
  • 185 solutions
  • 4" x 5.5" (14 cm) across 
  • very difficult ***




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