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It would be nice if someone would publish a book about keychain puzzles with all of the keychain puzzles ever made.  Until then, we can try to do it on this web page.  Help out and send pictures of any keychain puzzles that you have that aren't pictured on these pages, or any other information you'd like to share. 


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According to Jerry Slocum and Jack Botermans' book "Puzzles Old and New," keychain puzzles seem to have originated in 1939 and became very popular by the 1950's and 1960's, after which interest has waned.  Also see 11 pages on keychain puzzles in the book "Toys That Shoot and other neat stuff" by James L. Dundas.

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People and Robots
Abstract Shapes

These pictures are mostly from ebay, but also thanks to Vic, Iris, Peter, Pat, and Carol.  Special thanks to Jerry Slocum for use of some pictures from "Puzzles Old and New," and thanks to others who I'm surely forgetting.


Articles about keychain puzzles:
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If you want to buy, trade or sell keychain puzzles, click here and e-mail me (William Waite).  I have some for trade or sale.  I also just like to hear from other keychain puzzle collectors, so write and just say hi!

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