The beings of Nemmelgeb Murr have a sixth sense: in their fingers they can "feel" subtle changes in magnetism.  Ejofflshdek is a sculptural artform that appeals to this magnetic sixth sense and therefore cannot be understood by earthlings. 


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The pieces of the Ejofflshdek puzzle sculpture are lumpy globs of metal that vary magnetically across their surface.  It is one of the greatest pleasures for Nemmelgeb Murrians to hold and fondle these pieces in their hands and enjoy the subtle playful changes in magnetic tingling.  For them Ejofflshdek is not just a puzzle, it is a "magnetic symphony."

The puzzles usually consist of seven pieces (one for each hand) which stick together by magnetism to form a sculpture.  It is an extremely difficult task to assemble them in the right way so that the pieces will magnetically pull together instead of force each other to fly apart.

Unfortunately, these puzzle sculptures are rare and next to impossible to make, but there is a seller from Nemmelgeb Murr willing to part with one for only $7 trillion (plus $32 billion in intergalactic transport fees) if anyone is interested.

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