Limited Edition Allsides Keychain Puzzle

This puzzle is limited to an edition of just 26 "Allsides Cube" keychain puzzles with cards.  Although there are only four pieces, the puzzle is one of the most difficult keychain puzzles ever produced.  It takes four sliding moves before the first piece can be removed from the puzzle.  Puzzle Mist hopes to produce a whole line of keychain puzzles including the StellarBurr, Camera, Toaster, and Whale designs, some of which can be seen made larger in wood at:

The puzzles are made with a new type of technology that prints hard plastic in 3D.  It is a time-consuming and expensive process.  We searched around for a maker of these, and one producer quoted $1000 to make just one of these puzzles!  Fortunately we were able to find a much cheaper producer.  The process to produce the puzzles makes for a slightly grainy texture, not the smooth texture of typical keychain puzzles.  Therefore the puzzle comes with a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

The puzzles come with a 3" x 4" card with a solution on the back.  The card is meant to be a bit nostalgic and reminiscent of the cards produced for keychain puzzles in the 1950's.  It comes with two holes punched in it and a rubber band which comes through to hold the puzzle to the card, as was done in the 1950's.  Each of the 26 limited edition cards is individually signed and numbered by William Waite, the designer of the puzzle.  Let us know if there is a particular number you would prefer.

  • 4 pieces in multicolored hard plastic
  • comes with signed and numbered card
  • 1" x 1" x 1" (2cm x 2cm x 2cm)
  • extremely difficult ****

Allsides Cube Limited Edition Keychain Puzzle


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